Forklifts and Smashed Grapes

Australian wine maker, Sparky Marquis, lost more than a million dollars worth of wine shipping the goods to the United States. A forklift mishap sent 462 cases of 2010 Mollydooker Velvet Glove Shiraz crashing to the ground. It is a good thing he was insured. Only one bottle survived the fall.

Port-a-Blunder with a Forklift

Matt Gibson found himself in a hot mess one sunny afternoon with the help of a, you guessed it, port-a-john. Gibson builds venues for outdoor festivals. During a particularly large two-week festival, a port-a-john went missing for eight days. It was found hidden away, at full capacity, after baking in the sun all those days. Gibson got a forklift to try and move the port-a-john, but he didn't bank on the smell. In less than two seconds he was off the forklift and gagging which caused the forklift to jerk around spilling its contents everywhere. Did I mention this was right in the middle of a festival full of people?

A Forklift and a Moscow Mess

A Russian forklift driver threw caution to the wind one day when he decided to drink on the job. He ran into a row of stock shelves, which in turn hit another row of stock shelves, sending $150,000 of Cognac and vodka to the ground. He was completely buried in liquor, glass, and shelving, but luckily escaped with only a leg injury and a severe case of remorse.

Forklift Felony

Who ever though you'd hear the words car chase and forklift in the same sentence? Well here you go; a drunk Texas man commandeered a forklift from a Holiday Inn construction site, leading the cops on a low-speed car chase. Apparently he came close to side-swiping many cars, while chugging beer after beer. He tossed the empty cans at the cop car and other road traffic.

Caught in the Act with a Forklift

A German man, who was more than a little over the blood alcohol limit, was caught doing some shifty maneuvering one dark night. After smashing his car on the side of the road, this man feared the cops. He thought the best way to elude them would be to steal a forklift and simply bring the car back to his house. The police caught him while he was trying to load the car onto the forklift.