When you're applying for forklift operator jobs, your prospective employer may ask for proof of forklift certification and for forklift licensing information. Forklift training schools provide the comprehensive training you need to obtain your forklift license and pass all necessary testing. Even though there is no formal examination for forklift operators, you do need to complete an OSHA-approved forklift certification course at training center and prove that you can perform safety checks, maintain your vehicle and understand general workplace practices and procedures.

What to Expect at Forklift Training Schools

Forklift training schools across the country provide hands-on and classroom training for students so that they can gain the practical training they need to be confident when operating various types of forklifts, and also abide by OSHA-enforced safety standards and guidelines. Some training programs are just one or two days in length, while others run for several weeks.

There is no legal requirement to be certified or hold a forklift license, but most employers do prefer that their employees have completed training at a forklift school and have some hands-on experience. Some employers do offer on-the-job training that complements the training received at a forklift school.

In addition to attending a forklift school or completing hands-on training through your employer, you may have the option to complete your training through online forklift training schools. Online schools typically offer a similar curriculum and format than offline schools, except the educational materials and lessons are delivered over the web. Some employers recommend that their employees complete an online certification program and may be the ones responsible for assessing you and performing the final evaluation.

Courses Available at a Forklift School

From learning how to inspect a vehicle to operating a forklift safely, forklift schools prepare students to perform all basic functions on the job and work site, and also comply with the guidelines set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Some of the most common types of courses available at a forklift school include:

  • Loading and unloading practices
  • Hazardous material transportation
  • Warehouse operations
  • Inventory management
  • Emergency prevention and response protocol
  • OSHA guidelines and safety requirements

Online Forklift Training Schools

An alternative to attending a forklift training school or training center is to apply for an online training program. Online forklift training schools may offer OSHA-approved courses and curriculum, and make it easy for a student to get certified or get their license online. Many online forklift training schools prepare students who are looking for forklift jobs and need proof of OSHA Forklift Safety Training and Certification.

Online forklift training programs typically offer the following:

  • Comprehensive Forklift Safety Training
  • OSHA Compliant Safety School Curriculum
  • Online Testing and Certification
  • Certificate of Forklift Training Completion
  • Driver Card H
  • Hands-On Test for an approved trainer or evaluator to complete

The courses and curriculum offered by online forklift training schools are usually very similar to those available offline, and many offer "Train the Trainer" programs as well. These may be valuable to employers who need to train a group of employees in OSHA forklift operation standards, and still provide comprehensive training that the individual would find at an offline school.