1. Be Self Aware

Be wary of pinch points on the seat, the cowl, and the mast or you may become injured. It is also important to stay under the overhead guard, limbs included. It is not safe for your feet to dangle or your hand to rest on the hood. If all goes wrong and the forklift begins to tip, DO NOT jump out--brace your feet to the floor, grab the wheel, and go with it. The likelihood of you coming out safe are greater if you stay inside the vehicle.

2. Be Observant When Moving the Forklift

Always check the area around you before moving the forklift and come to a FULL stop before switching directions. It is also wise to honk your horn before driving in reverse, when coming to cross sections, going through doors, or any other place where your presence is not immediately evident. This cannot be stressed enough: before backing up, LOOK BEHIND YOU.

3. Be Wary of People around Your Forklift

Never stand under the forks and never let anyone else stand under the forks. This rule applies even if the forklift is off. It is important to remember that you are doing a job and that the vehicle you are driving is dangerous. You should never take on passengers or let anyone unauthorized drive the forklift. You should also never lift a person with a forklift unless you have the correct safety container for the person to stand in. Finally, if leaving the forklift unattended, make sure to take the key with you. Forklift thefts are not a wholly uncommon occurrence.

4. Utilize Your Forklift's Safety Features

Just like in a car, you should always buckle up with your seatbelt. Don't be afraid to use your horn. It's imperative that people see you coming. When reversing, use your backup alarm. Some forklifts come equipped with a yellow warning light. If this is the case with your vehicle, be sure to use it so people are aware of your approach.

5. Keep a Clear Head

This rule may be obvious, but NEVER come to work on drugs or alcohol; even over the counter drugs can be dangerous.